Bourbon in the USA!

I wrote a round-up of some of the best bourbon produced outside of Kentucky.


Film Review: Kill The Messenger

I reviewed Kill The Messenger for Paste Magazine. Journalism thriller? Sure, why not.

Evolution of In-Flight Service

Another little advertorial I wrote for Studio@Gawker, this time sponsored by Emirates Airline.

This video…

Travel – You know what’s awesome? When no one sits next to you on an airplane

I wrote this piece for about having an empty seat next to you on a plane in honor of Canadian Thanksgiving.


Advertorial – The Science Behind Wrinkled Clothes

Here’s a lil’ advertorial I recently wrote about the science behind wrinkled clothing… good times.


Harry Houdini Stunts

Here’s part two of the promo piece I did for The History Channel’s new Houdini miniseries.

Film Review: About Alex

Worse than Boyhood. Read why here.


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