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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Download: DJ Roddy Rod – “Leviathan”

DJ Roddy Rod, never heard of him. But he’s been around for a while and produced tracks for the likes of Ed OG, Planet Asia, and Doug E. Fresh. He’s got a new instrumental album on the way,Oakwood Grain II, due out on Nature Sounds this February 28. I know, instrumental albums can be boring, but listen to “Leviathan” here and see what you think.

Streaming: Pontiak – “Lions of Least”

Pontiak have a new album on the way, Echo Ono, which is due out 2/21 on Thrill Jockey. Listen to the rawk, and check out tour dates below (with White Hills).

Dec 7   Philadelphia, PA – O’Reiley’s Pub
Dec 8   Hudson, NY – Jeandeux
Dec 9   New Haven, CT – Rudy’s
Dec 10  Brooklyn, NY – Littlefield

Music Musings: Archers of Loaf Vee Vee Reissue

Merge has a date for the next Archers reissue – Vee Vee will come out February 21 as double-CD, limited-edition green LP and digital download. I still gotta get the Icky Mettle reissue, I’m running way behind. The tracklist:

Disc 1 –
1. Step into the Light
2. Harnessed in Slums
3. Nevermind the Enemy
4. Greatest of All Time
5. Underdogs of Nipomo
6. Floating Friends
7. 1985
8. Fabricoh
9. Nostalgia
10 Let the Loser Melt
11. Death in the Park
12. The Worst Has Yet to Come
13. Underachievers March and Fight Song

Disc 2 –
1. Harnessed in Slums ’95 (Bob Weston Radio Mix, 1995)
2. Telepathic Traffic (“Harnessed in Slums” single, Alias, 1995)
3. Don’t Believe the Good News (“Harnessed in Slums” single, Alias, 1995)
4. Smoking Pot in the Hot City (7” single, Esther, 1995)
5. Mutes in the Steeple (7” single, Esther, 1995)
6. Mark Price P.I. (out of print)
7. Bacteria (The Speed of Cattle, Alias, 1996)
8. Equinox (unreleased) (J. Coltrane)
9. (Big Joe and) Phantom 309 (out of print) (T. Faile)
10. 1985 (Marathon Boombox Demo)
11. Fabricoh (Marathon Boombox Demo)
12. Nostalgia (Marathon Boombox Demo)
13. Let the Loser Melt (Vee Vee 4-Track Demo)
14. Underdogs of Nipomo (Vee Vee 4-Track Demo)
15. Nevermind the Enemy (Vee Vee 4-Track Demo)
16. Don’t Believe the Good News (Vee Vee 4-Track Demo)