This past Friday night, Hannah and I hosted our first Pickle Party. The selection included:

1) Olive oil pickle chips – cucumber vinegar pickles topped off with a few tablespoons of oil, which helps preserve the seal of the jar, but also adds a nice flavor to the batch.
2) Polish mushrooms – the addition of Allspice nuggets dominates the flavor here, but these button mushrooms were tasty.
3) British pub onions – a malt vinegar pickle. These were a bit too onion-y for my taste, but went well with cheese. I think they’ll be good to cook with as well.
4) Soy-cured beef – a Korean recipe, not really pickled, as such. Basically, this is beef simmered for a long time with soy sauce and sugar. One of my faves thus far.

soy-cured beef

5) Pickled eggs – not as spicy as I would have liked, but this is another fave, pickled in white wine vinegar.

pickled eggs

6) Pickled asparagus – pickled in red wine vinegar and spiced with nutmeg, these were very nice.


Beverages included a variety of beer, champagne, wine (Eastern European selections), and, ultimately, as always, some whiskey. Most of the pickles were consumed, so it will soon be time to ferment a new batch. I can’t wait.

Sam's plate arrangement

the spread

Hannah likes pickles